The Perfect Parternship: Inversions and Social Girl Circle


You hear the same thing from women all over in their 20’s and 30’s: “It’s so hard to meet people now.” They’re not just referencing dating–just simple friendships!  After college, it seems that everyone spreads out a bit. There’s no more roommates downstairs to share a movie with, no more sports team practice to go to, no one to drop in on with a pizza in hand for an impromptu dinner. Social Circle hears you, and is working to build the solution! Social Circle provides an opportunity to meet and form friendships with other women that are in the same boat. They host a variety of get-togethers, private events, dinners, and even offer exclusive discounts for members. If you’re already a member, then you know the wonderful benefits. If you’re not yet a member, take a look at their website here. For those who are already members, Social Girl Circle is teaming up with Inversions Pole Fitness to offer you a great deal on pole fitness classes! If you’ve never tried pole fitness, now is the time. It provides a full-body workout that results in lean, toned muscles. The classes are small in size and the instructors work individually with each student on their needs. The classes build confidence, grace, and strength. Attend the Social Girl Circle private party at Inversions on November 8, 2013 from 7-9pm for just $15. The deal doesn’t stop there, though–if you love pole (and we think you will!), Inversions is offering a discount to Social Girl Circle members of $100 for a 5 week session of unlimited classes, normally a $250 value! Come see what poling is all about and meet other women who are passionate about their health!

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