Weekly Meal Prepping

meal prep

One of the easiest ways to maintain healthy eating habits is to dedicate time each week to prepping your food, meals, and snacks for the week ahead. Remember that saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail?”  In the case of sticking to a clean eating plan, this definitely holds true.  Having healthy snacks on hand and a meal plan for you and your family will help keep you on track, and will lessen the number of times you feel the need to “grab something quick”–if you’ve already done the prep work, it is quick, and if you’ve already taken the time to prep it, you’ll (hopefully!) feel more inclined to eat it! Below are just a few quick tips for weekly meal prepping that we have found helpful in keeping us on track!

•Cook meat in large batches–grill an entire package of chicken breasts or brown a whole pound of ground beef. These can be used throughout the week in different meals to keep things interesting. Think diced chicken on a salad one day and shredded chicken tacos the next.
•Prepare snacks in bulk. Hard boil a dozen eggs, cut up an entire package of celery into snack-size sticks. If you have easy, healthy snacks to reach for, you are less likely to reach for that bag of cookies.
•Soups are great for making ahead–make an entire batch and freeze in single serving portions. Defrost one the night before, and lunch is done! This freezing technique can be used for lots of other items, too!
•Try to pick one day a week (Sundays tend to be the most popular!) to prep food for a few hours. It will save you tons of time during the week and you will have healthy options at your fingertips.
•Chop whatever you can ahead of time. After you shop, before you put those veggies away, wash and chop them up. It’s much easier to grab a handful of something and toss it onto a salad than it is to pull out those veggies and cut them up every time!
•If you can, portion things out for yourself at the beginning of the week. Nothing is simpler than grabbing a tupperware out of the fridge with your lunch already in it!

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