Who are you?

“I am not a dancer.”

“I am not flexible.”

“I am not graceful.”

“I am not strong.”

The next time you find yourself in class thinking these thoughts, stop and ask yourself: “Compared to who?”

What is your definition of a dancer? Of flexibility, gracefulness, strength, beauty? What does someone who possesses these things look like to you?

One of the biggest struggles that we have is letting go of the negative thoughts that hold us back. Often times that spin or pose that you’ve been working towards, but can’t quite get, is completely attainable. It’s you telling yourself you can’t that’s keeping you from it.

So the next time you walk into the studio, and begin to remind yourself of who you are not…stop. Stop telling yourself who you aren’t, and tell yourself who you ARE.

Know this: you are stronger than you were the day you walked in here. You are more confident. You are beautiful. And most importantly, you are on your own journey. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your pole journey will not look exactly like someone else’s. Find your own voice, your own style, your own rhythm.

I can promise you one thing-that confidence will shine through. Your spins will look prettier, your poses stronger. This is where your true pole journey starts. Embrace who you are. Dance. Spin. Make mistakes. Laugh. Get up and try again.

And one day? You’ll look up into that mirror during a spin around the pole and you will realize you’ve shifted to paying attention to who you are instead of who you are not. Embrace that moment, and all that comes with it. You’ve earned it.

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