Whole Life Challenge

No bread. No grains. No rice. No beans. No dairy. No sugar or added sweeteners of any kind. No alcohol. To you, this probably sounds like a crazy person’s diet. For me, these were the guidelines for eating during a recent challenge the studio competed in, called the Whole Life Challenge.

You’re probably thinking, “what DO you eat?” That’s easy: Protein. Healthy fats. Fruit. And lots and lots of vegetables.

Over an 8 week period, from January 17th-March 14, myself and a handful of motivated, persistent individuals from the studio participated in the Whole Life Challenge with team Inversions Girls Rock. We started on this venture as a clean eating challenge to kick the new year off right and looking for some motivation to stick to our resolutions. What we found was so much more.

The Whole Life Challenge is an online game, which pushes you to examine all aspects of your life, and see how you can make improvements. You record a daily score, where you’re asked about your exercise, stretching, water consumption, supplements, and diet. The last portion of your score is the lifestyle challenge, which changes each week. Lifestyle challenges varied from getting a certain number of hours of sleep to avoiding electronics during meals to committing intentional acts of kindness each day.

While the nutrition aspects were definitely a challenge on certain days and in various social situations, the lifestyle challenges really were, in my opinion, the heart of the game. Through these challenges, we learned about our strengths, our weaknesses, ourselves, and each other. We were forced to reflect on areas of our lives that we normally don’t give a second thought to in our day-to-day activities. We shared our struggles openly, and supported one another through them. You could be lifting a teammate up and offering words of advice or encouragement one week, then the following week find yourself needing those very same things, and your teammates were there to help you through it.

Additionally, ladies competed to win prizes from the studio such as free unlimited classes for a session, Bad Kitty pole gear, Pole Candy leg warmers, Ellie heels and much more. The 16 participants competed in one of three levels of the challenge, which included either Performance, Lifestyle, or Kick Start. The top four winners collectively lost over 18 inches and improved their workout score by on average 25-30%. These ladies also did more reps in their final workout assessment at the end of the eight weeks in addition to pushing and executing hard! Check out the video here!

This game was definitely a challenge, and we had lots of girls who saw great physical end results thanks to their dedication and diligence. But the camaraderie and the friendships formed between our teammates was an awesome thing to watch and be a part of. I’m sure we all learned things about ourselves–we need to sleep more, worry less, and slow down and enjoy the moment. It’s the things we learned about each other, though, that really made this challenge stand out to me.  I can’t wait to see what these ladies achieve in the months to come, both inside and outside the studio. I have no doubt in my mind that with their newly formed support system, the sky’s the limit!

The next Whole Life Challenge starts May 2, 2015.  If you’re looking for a way to make a change, but aren’t sure where to start, this might be just the thing for you! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The challenges run regularly throughout the year, and you can join team Inversions Girls Rock next January as we work hard to start off the new year on the right foot again, together!  Inversions Pole Fitness is about dedication, strength, fun, family, friends, feeling sexy and being a confident beautiful woman!

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