Our Famous Mt Pleasant 12 Week Transformation Pole Challenge Is Back & Better Than Ever! Are you ready to close out 2018 and make it the best year of your life? If So Inversions Pole Fitness GUARANTEES to make sure that happens!

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Are you fed up with your current workout regimen or just don’t have one at all? Do you lack the support and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals? Are you bored with the gym and doing the same ole same ole?  Have you always wanted to try a pole dancing class or get “stronger” before you walk in your first pole class?

Now is your opportunity to get back into shape, build confidence, feel sexy and meet and dance with some pretty AWESOME women!! And if you are already pole dancing now is the time to go further into your journey!

But first, tell me which body part are you most proud of? Come on, it shouldn’t take you that long to name one. We are often our worst critics, right? Rather than scrutinize every fine line on my face or harp on the mommy tummy spilling over my shorts, I’m trying to appreciate my body more. For 41 years it has never let me down! Most recently, it has carried one beautiful little boy and through the years has taken me many miles. I pole danced up until 37 weeks pregnant and delivered my son in about 10 minutes. I swear it was because I pole danced!!!

IMG_6581Being confident about your body doesn’t mean we forget about every jiggle or blemish. There’s lots you can do to transform what you don’t like or improve upon. The first thing is changing your attitude and seeing your body for the amazing sexy powerful machine that it is. Once you do that then you can’t help but want to take care of it. I mean, you only have one body to live in right?  When you do that and change your mindset you crave the workouts it needs, you want to fuel your body with the right foods and you truly discover self-love!



My 12 Week Phenomenal Woman Pole Challenge can help you do just that! Discover how to get a sexy back, powerful booty and chiseled arms, while burning fat and flattening your belly with my proven, fat loss formula.

Below are some of the many clients I have worked with and transformed in our pole challenges. My goal has always been to help women feel beautiful, sexy and strong. Confidence is such an attractive thing! I mean who wouldn’t be attracted to a pole dancer?


Look at this list of the many benefits of POLE DANCING

Fat burning
Increases energy
Improves confidence
Tones the overall body
Improves posture
Tightens and defines your core
Strips off pounds
Makes you feel sexy
Builds muscle
Beats the winter blues
Transforms your body and mind
Increases upper body strength
Increases self esteem
Celebrates your feminity and sensuality
Tightens and tones your legs and glutes
Burns tons of calories
Raises your heart rate and works your lungs

What do you get?

  • Personalized Training ( Four 45 minute private lessons over 12 weeks to hone in on those tough areas to burn fat and strengthen your body)

  • 24 Semi private pole classes (2-3 girls in a class) over 12 weeks

  • Kick off class with prechallenge assessment

  • Custom meal plans, with food lists and delicious recipes

  • Macro count and body fat measurements throughout the challenge

  • Progression photos to visually track your progress

  • Supplement education

  • Private accountability facebook group so that you have support and motivation 24/7

  • 3x a week at home training HITT 20-30 minute videos that do not involve a pole but provide you with the exercises to strengthen you for pole. With these videos you will harness the “afterburn” effect so you will burn fat 24/7

  • Unlimited coaching and access to ME 24/7

  • FUN FUN FUN and an end of the challenge celebration

You get to eat REAL food!!!


  • Drop Unwanted pounds 

  • Drop 2 to 3 Dress Sizes So That You Can Get Back Into Your Little Black Dress for your Holiday parties!

  • Strut Into Your Skinny Jeans

  • Build confidence and Feel sexy

  • Have FUN while working out

What are you waiting for? I only have room for 10 spots. Some are already taken and you have exactly 5 days left to register. Sign up before they are gone!! I am committed to helping you get strong, sexy, sweaty, sore and SATISFIED!!!

lisa bio

Committed to your best body ever!!

Lisa Havens 

Click the link below for more details and to sign up!


And you get all this for $99 a week for 12 weeks!!! 


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