Let’s Dance Again Inversions! Re-Opening: What You Should Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed our lives, businesses, and communities. Yet, our mission to infuse strength, sexy and sisterhood in the community remains unchanged. Inversionsgirls, IT IS TIME! Time to dance again, move again, connect again and get magical again. Now more than ever we realize how important our Strong, Sexy, Sisterhood is and how we have missed our community something fierce. We are so thankful for all of you and have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful faces virtually. After being closed due to COVID-19 for 60 days, Inversions Pole Fitness will open our doors starting May 21 for private lessons only and June 1 for small group classes with a limited schedule. Please check out our private lesson pricing package here for booking information. We expect to return to a normal schedule in July or August.

Check out our phase one reopening plan:

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation protocols

While we have always kept the cleanliness of IPF on the top of our priority list, we are now getting SUPER PUMPED about cleaning! Following CDC and public health directives, we will continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the studio and require hand washing before and after each class. Commonly touched surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned before and after each class. We’ve never shared poles during class and we won’t start! That will remain the same.

Physical Distancing Practices

We know even when we re-open, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t “just over”. We still have work to do to mitigate the spread of the virus. What does that mean for pole class?

This means that when we first re-open, we’ll be doing the following to ease back into our “new normal” routine.

  • Reduction in class capacity.
  • Visual markings of 6-foot radii on dance floor.
  • Teaching sequences that do not require physical spotting from an instructor, until public health trends allow.
  • Providing ample time between classes to clean and sanitize.
  • Eliminating our studio check in station and requiring students to self check in on the member app prior to entering.
  • Prohibiting students from coming in during classes to use the restroom or coming in the studio before their class. Students will only be allowed entry once the studio door is unlocked which will be five minutes prior to the start of the next class

Providing Personal Protection Supplies

As long as it makes sense, we will be providing the following:

  • Hand sanitizer available at multiple checkpoints throughout IPF

However, we’ll also be pausing our provision of the following items:

  • Studio towels – each student will be required to bring in their own towel to take home and launder.
  • Shared yoga mats – each student will be required to have their own mat. Mats will not be left in the studio.
  • Shared pole cleaning spray bottles. Each pole will have a spray bottle. The student will be required to wipe down their pole and bottle at the beginning and end of each class.
  • Discontinuing the use of the studio cubies..Please dress light and travel light when entering.
  • Sorry ladies our Hersey’s kisses will be discontinued at this time. You are sweet enough as is.

Hybrid Class Delivery

  • This exciting adventure means we get to experiment with different modes of class delivery!
  • Continuing virtual class delivery. We are excited to offer this option for our students who may have compromised immune systems, caring for someone who is extra-vulnerable to illness or just wants to slither and strut at home.
  • This option will be available for select classes, both pole and non-pole. It will be delivered via a secure video chat and will include as many elements of an in-person class as possible, including one-on-one check ins from the instructor.

Relaxed “Late Cancel” Policy

Our standard “late cancel” policy is:

“Students who cancel a class registration less than 12 hours in advance of course start time forfeit that class entry”. Students will also be charged a $15 late fee.

Until June 30, 2020 (and subject to revision/extension), students who need to cancel fewer than 12 hours in advance due to suspected illness or exposure to illness will have the option to attend class via livestream (as mentioned above), or receive a class credit for future use, with the original expiration date. No-shows and late cancels for other purposes will still be forfeited. Please email the studio at info@inversionspolefitness.com to cancel due to illness.

We will also reserve the right to cancel a studio class if there are fewer than 2 students registered for a class. Students will be notified of the class cancellation 4 hours before the class scheduled time.

Finally COVER, CLEAN AND CONTAIN. Cover you cough, clean your hands and stay home if you are sick! If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please DO NOT register for class.

 What Stays The Same:

  • Hella calories burned, great music and an incredible fulfilling workout experience
  • Supportive SISTERHOOD
  • Your amazing and talented SEXY instructors
  • Our STRONG commitment to moving for the JOY OF IT!
  • Our openness to client feedback and ideas

Ladies, it is time to start enjoying those activities that THRILL you again! We will be posting our June group class schedule Sunday, May 24. We will be communicating with each individual member over the next two weeks with updates to your individual account as it relates to class credits.  See you soon!


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