What You Should and Shouldn’t Spend Your Money on During Your Charleston Bachelorette Trip

In the past few years Bachelorette parties have gone from one night out with your friends to full weekend trips somewhere around the country or even the world! Going from what was an affordable, fun night out, to a costly weekend away can be a big deal for some people… None the less, everyone wants to have a fun time, but not go broke in the process.

Aside from money, planning a Bachelorette party is a lot of work! Flights, hotels, reservations, events, decorations, alcohol and entertainment are a lot for one person to do. Our party coordinator has curated a list of the best ways to spend your money during your Bachelorette party night or weekend. However you choose to celebrate, we are here to help make decisions easier!

Spend Your Money on Experiences

Experiences are the best way to remember your Bachelorette trip!! Spending time doing something special with your friends is a great way to spend your money. Experiences create positive memories, photo opportunities and time for group bonding.

Bachelorette experiences can be anything from wine tasting, private chefs, learning a new skill, boat rides… the list is endless! Here are some experiences we recommend to make spending your money worth it on your next Bachelorette trip.

Vineyards and Breweries

Going to a vineyard or brewery are great ways to spend your day during your trip. Depending on where you are vacationing, many cities offer stunning vineyards with wine tastings and tours. This goes for breweries as well. Many places will offer food, as well as drink, so you can enjoy lunch or dinner while drinking the day away.

Pole Dancing/Chair Dancing

Book a pole or chair dancing class! What better way to get in the wedding mood than learning some new sexy moves for the brides future partner… Bachelorette trips are made to celebrate your last moments of single hood! So get a little dirty, let your desires guide you and shake your sexy tail feather with your best friends. These are also great ways to get your workout in during your trip. Classes like these, yoga classes or any active experience will satisfy the members of the group who want to remain active, even on vacation!

Private Chef

Booking a private chef as an experience is a great way to feel completely pampered on your trip! Many services not only include a three course meal or cooking lesson, but will also dress up your space to complete the fine dining experience. This can be a more costly experience, but what is better than being served dinner made just for you in the comfort of your own home! You may choose to dress up or down for this occasion, it is in your space so it is your rules.

Boat Tours

If you are vacationing in a coastal city, taking a boat tour is a must! Not only will it provide you with incredible views of the coast line, you can also use this as an opportunity to party. Be sure to check with the rules of the company you’re booking with around alcohol, but many of these excursions are made for groups like yours to get tipsy and enjoy the ride.

Party Tours

If you are vacationing in a city, check to see if they offer any party tours around the town. In Charleston you will see groups on bikes or pedaling carriages touring up and down Market Street, drinking and blasting music while taking in the views of the city. Tours such as these are a great way to explore and see everything the city has to offer while getting tipsy and partying with your friends!

Male Entertainment

Booking a male exotic dancer to come knocking on your door dressed as a cop addressing a noise complaint is a great way to kick off a fun night! This experience is even better as a surprise. This can be done in the comfort of your home, or you can go to a show. Be sure this is something everyone in the group is comfortable with before booking, because the energy of the group will determine how much fun you have. Take a couple of shots, start blasting club music and sit back and enjoy the show.

Spa Day

Spa days can be on the more expensive side for trips, but it can be an entire day’s event! What better way to spend a vacation than relaxing? Book mani-pedis, massages or facials for the group. Enjoy the spa amenities and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of life. This is a great idea for trips that are close to the date of the wedding, or groups who are not drinking on their trip.

Any Bachelorette Trip only needs one, maybe two experiences! These tend to be the highlight of the trip, so don’t try to pack in as many as possible. You want to be able to enjoy these to their fullest extent, because you spent good money on them. You do not want to be tired, hungover or miss these events. So plan ahead and book your experiences first! Then plan the remainder of the trip around them.

With almost all experiences, make sure to tip those people who made it great. If it’s a tour guide, instructor, dancer or chef, these people work very hard to make your experience one to remember. A lot of these people will work for tips so make sure to factor that into your budget when planning your trip.

Sight Seeing

Most of the time sight seeing is completely FREE! There are lots of cities that offer tours of the city or special landmarks, but usually, you can enjoy an afternoon taking in the beauty of your location on your own. This is a great way to get to know more about where you are staying, taking pictures and enjoying the company of your group. Grab a coffee and take a walk! You might find some cool hidden gems you didn’t know about.

Eating Out

Eating out can be one of the most costly parts of a Bachelorette trip. You will likely need three meals a day, drinks and snacks for the three to four days you are on vacation. It is always a good idea to stock up on some essentials to leave wherever you are staying to help save money during your trip. Heading to the grocery store when you first arrive, grabbing your favorite snacks, alcohol or water can lower your overall food totals.

If you are going out to eat, I recommend choosing one or two nice reservations and spending the other meals at more affordable, easier places. Cafes are great for breakfast and lunch and typically very affordable. Many cafes now have great aesthetics, options for everyone and overall good vibes. Many of my favorite trip memories are at places like this.

Air BnB Vs Hotels

Air BnB

Air BnB’s are great options for Bachelorette trips, especially if you have a larger group! What makes this booking option great is that they are typically more cost effective, have more living space and a kitchen! Some will even have a washer and dryer (for any unwanted spills). Be sure to verify the location you are staying in, and check for what may be in your surrounding area. These can be tricky and book you further away from your desired location than you initially thought.


The best part about booking a hotel room for your stay is the cleaning services. They also typically have easier check out options, whereas Air BnB may ask you to clean the space before leaving. Hotels are great for smaller groups as you do not need as much living space. A hotel will almost guarantee you a spot right in the heart of the destination you are traveling to, but can be a bit more pricey.

Decorations and Favors

The biggest way people drop unexpected cash on Bachelorette trips tends to be for decorations and favors. While you may dream of having an Instagramable space full of banners and balloon arches, these types of things really add up cost wise and tend to only be enjoyed for a few minutes. If you insist on going all out for decorations, I recommend setting a budget or else you may find yourself spending more money than you intended.

Party favors are an exciting part of your trip, but also an expensive one. A lot of times, favors get lost or broken before the trip is even over, or left behind as guests did not pack space to bring them home. I think party favors can be really great if done correctly!

Stick to the idea of quality over quantity. This can go for many factors of your trip, but specifically for favors. Providing favors that can be used or worn outside of the trip will be the most beneficial and appreciated in the long run. Some examples of these types of favors can be…

~ Fanny packs or tote bags

~ Reusable tumbler cups

~ Pajama sets or quality t-shirts

~ Hangover kits including ibuprofen, hydration multipliers, gum, make up remover, hair ties, etc.

~ Stickers

~ Candy or snacks

If you are wanting to avoid money sucking favors, stay away from…

~ Cheap sunglasses

~ Disposable cups

~ Coozies, hats, pins or temporary tattoos that are specific to the trip

~ Sashes

All of these favors can be fun, exciting and made for a good time! These are suggestions if you are looking to save money or make the most out of the money you spend.

Party Planning Services

Planning a Bachelorette party takes a lot of work, not to mention takes place during other wedding planning activities. Leave the planning to the pros. If it is within your budget, hiring a party planning service to help plan parts, or all of your trip is a great way to make your life less stressful. The trip becomes more enjoyable when planning is out of your hands. Several popular Bachelorette destinations will have a lot of services to choose from. These services can provide Air BnB set up, fridge stocking, reservation making, tour booking and more. Here at Pole Parties Charleston we offer services just like these. Let us help make your trip spectacular!

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into planning a memorable, affordable, and fantastic last weekend of freedom. With the right planning, you can create a trip that leaves you ready to move onto married life. Charleston has been a prime destination for Bachelorette and Bachelor parties around the country. However your group is looking to spend their time, there is something for everyone and every lifestyle.


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