Embodied Dancing and Pole Fitness

Embodied dancing is felt, it is understood within your body, it is the awareness of your movements. Connecting with your body. Embodied dance is a felt sense of consciousness and looking inward as you move. Being present in your dancing with not just your physical body but also your energy.

What does it mean to be connected to your body when you dance? Dance is a form of expression and without connecting your body and soul, expression is meaningless. What are you expressing if you are not connecting your emotions to your movements? Pole dancing is an incredibly special form of self-expression because we have an apparatus to help us through our movements.

Through embodied pole dancing we demonstrate strength, perseverance, femininity, and sensuality. The importance of embodied dancing is not only for appearance. When dancing with no connection between our body and our souls we open ourselves up for stress or injury. This connection is very real. If you are dancing out of touch with your body, this connection is lost. You can begin to stop listening to your body’s needs.

Dancing can be used as a technique to release emotion. When you are experiencing an emotion so strongly it is clouding your everyday and taking you over it is important to find that release. Through embodied dancing we can allow ourselves to release emotion through telling a story with our movements. Allow your body to take control and let it out.

As a studio, we practice embodied dancing to help us grow. Grow as dancers and as women. This studio is a haven to come and release whatever may be on your mind. While strength training and practicing tricks is important, underneath it all we are artists. We need to listen to our bodies and by practicing embodied dancing we can become more connected with our own feminine energy.

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