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Conversations with Clowns

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and close minded people can be. We are working on expanding our reach in the area, and decided to host an open house for local wedding planners to come by and see the pole studio and what we have to offer. Charleston, SC is a huge wedding … Continue reading

Men in Pole Fitness

Men in Pole Fitness

While most people think pole fitness is a sport only for women, they are wrong. The sport takes strength, endurance, and flexibility, and the men that participate in the sport have a flow about them that is often not seen anywhere else. And while we women have a hard enough time fighting the stigma of … Continue reading

Who are you?

“I am not a dancer.” “I am not flexible.” “I am not graceful.” “I am not strong.” The next time you find yourself in class thinking these thoughts, stop and ask yourself:¬†“Compared to who?” What is your definition of a dancer? Of flexibility, gracefulness, strength, beauty? What does someone who possesses these things look like … Continue reading