High Heels and Fitness

There has been a lot of discussion in the media regarding working out in high heels with the explosion of pole fitness classes in recent years, with many doctors saying it is stressful on joints and should be avoided. “Kamilah”, the name behind the new “Heel Hop” classes, disagrees. Coming from a background of dance and performing in music videos, she has taken the high heel into the gym and created a low-impact, strength workout that focuses on core and balance. Kamilah says that if you work the right moves, and focus on the right areas, that high heels are not something to be avoided but embraced. And those taking the classes would agree: they feel empowered, confident, strong, and balanced. This article notes some of the other benefits of working out in high heels, to include stronger pelvic and calf muscles. If proper posture is present, the abdominal muscles are contracted while in heels due to the elevated angle causing a slight forward lean. As these types of classes become more popular and mainstream, we can hope the stigma regarding pole fitness and high heels will continue to dissipate. As with any fitness routine, only participate in what is right for you, what you are comfortable with, and be sure to stretch out afterwards. This article provides some high-heel specific stretches that counter the angle of the heel. What do you think? Do you prefer your pole fitness classes in heels or bare feet?

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