Reaching New Heights in 2014


Ah, 2014. A new year, a clean slate. There’s always goal setting and resolutions that come with the new year. Before setting new goals, though, it’s important that we appreciate the accomplishments of the year past, and remember just how far we have come. Let’s visit the accomplishments and goals achieved in 2013 by the Inversions Girls, shall we? First and foremost, Inversions moved into their own 1400 square foot space in November 2012, celebrating our 2nd year in business! We first opened our doors in November of 2011, sharing space in Carolina Fitness, with 6 poles and just one instructor, me!  Our client base grew, which  brought a need for more space – leading us three doors down to our current location outfitted with 9 shiny poles!  More Poles=More Students =More Instructors. I soon brought on Kayla, then Whitney, Danielle and heading into 2014 we welcome Sam as our newest instructor.

A new space brought in lots of beautiful amazing women…2013 was a year filled with lots of pole parties, workshops, date nights, classes, laughs and lots of fun. And let’s not forget a list a mile long of pole tricks to accomplish! I finally mastered my twisted grip lift, caterpillar, and elbow grip ayesha.  Danielle inverted, got her splits and lost 10lbs, while Whitney lost an astounding  30 lbs! Sam landed her extended butterfly and handspring, choreographed and performed her first solo, and learned a number of new favorite moves and tricks, while Kayla got over her stage fright of teaching and gained lots of muscle! I am so proud of the  awesome accomplishments of the Inversions Team, a  wonderful group of girls  who passionately lead women each day to becoming better versions of themselves.

Have you set any 2014 goals for your pole journey yet? One fail proof technique is to use the SMART acronym. It goes like this: when choosing your goals, make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. While this may make you feel for a fleeting moment like you’re back in grade school, think about it for a minute. How many times have you set a goal or resolution in the new year, only to not be able to accomplish it or stick to it? It’s likely that whatever that goal or resolution was, it didn’t fit the above parameters. “Lose weight.” “Get in shape.” “Save money.” If you set a vague, immeasurable, unattainable, irrelevant, or open-ended goal, you probably won’t accomplish it. Make it something you can reach. Something you can work towards. Something you can track small advances and progress on. Instead of lose weight, try “lose 10 lbs” or “drop one pants size.” Instead of get in shape, try “attend pole fitness 3 days a week.” Instead of save money, try “put $20 a week into savings.” These are SPECIFIC goals that are MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, and RELEVANT. Make them TIME-BOUND by giving yourself a deadline for each goal you set.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the goals our Inversions instructors have set for themselves for 2014! You’ll see, as we review them, that we created SMART lists. Goals we could reach, and that we can measure progress on. I hope to accomplish my phoenix, cocoon, fonji, chinese/true grip deadlift, reverse marchenko, deathlay, marion amber, janiero, handstand deadlift, be able to spatchcock up the pole, train my opposite side more  and learn and write down new combos. My flexibility goals include a headsit, chest stand, box splits, walkovers, and work on my arches. Lastly, I plan to enter and train two clients into pole competitions!

Danielle is shooting for these moves and flexibility gains: yogini, handspring (regular and twisted grip), gemini (both hands), perfect caterpillar crawl/climb, perfect electric leg switch, russian split on pole, learn and perfect at least 2 drops (Holly and Superman), deadlift shoulder mount straddle, perfect jade split, chest stands & rainbow marchenko on ground, backbend walk over, oversplits and middle splits, spatchcock from ground, opposite side dead lift chopper & electric leg switch, ayesha, and machine gun.

Whitney hopes to reach these milestones in 2014: splits, flat line, shoulder mount aerial inversion, improve deadlifting into inversion, holly drop, superman, caterpillar climb, dove, banana splits, ayesha, getting rid of her “special” side, russian split, and allegra.

Sam is prepping to compete, and hopes to perform in a competition in 2014.  Additionally, she hopes to use a spinning pole, get a level jade split, improve her down split so it’s more level, aerial shoulder mounts, caterpillar crawl up the pole, elbow grip ayesha, cocoon, over splits, transition easily into allegra closed, gain better forearm strength, hold a handstand without the pole, do deadlift straddles with straighter legs, freestyle, and gain sensuality.

Kayla will be working towards full splits on each side, mastering an aerial superman, pushing her flexibility as far as possible, and keeping her knees straight and toes pointed! She also hopes to perfect her handspring, falling angel and her caterpillar.

What new heights do you hope to reach in 2014? Make your SMART goal list, and commit to it! Work towards each specific goal, and hold yourself accountable. Share your pole goals with your instructors so they can help provide you with the tools to make those gains. If you’re up to committing yourself in writing, write your 2014 pole goals in the comments section of this post! We will revisit the lists at the end of the year and congratulate each other for how far we have all come. Remember, it’s not the destination, but the journey on the way.

Your Fearless Leader,

♥♥Inversionsgirl LISA♥♥

One thought on “Reaching New Heights in 2014

  1. In 2014, I hope to get level splits, shoulder mounts, allegra, arial superman, be able to do an arms only climb up the pole, walk on my hands, and continue to eat primal/paleo foods.

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